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Article: Supporting various workers at different stages of their own life cycles

When the COVID-19 pandemic started to sweep across the world in the early part of 2020, little did we know how much our personal and working lives would be upended.  

The extent and nature to which people have been impacted has varied greatly, and can in part be linked to what stage each individual has reached in their own life cycle.  

Children, for example, have largely not proven as prone to serious illness as people over the age of 60, who have had to take the greatest precautions to reduce the risk of catching the virus. Meanwhile, those with underlying health conditions have also had to be safeguarded as much as possible...

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NOW Q&A: Zoe Ellis-Moore on transformation and workspace innovation

Zoe Ellis-Moore is CEO & Founder of Spaces to Places, a space-as-a-service office consultancy. She shares her thoughts on transformation and workspace innovation ahead of her participation to the NOW Festival.

NOW Festival: How would you describe the nature of your organisation?

Zoe Ellis-Moore: The business model I've adopted with Spaces to Places is one that's very focused on transformation. That's reflected in the name and is also the core purpose of every bit of work that we carry out. I feel very lucky that the idea of transformation and improvement is so central to the work that I do day in day out, as it’s a constant reminder of the transitory nature of things...

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Article: The benefits and challenges posed by

flattening the traditional management hierarchy

During the bleakest days of the Second World War, British wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill famously coined the phrase “never let a good crisis go to waste”. 

His words carry significance for the business world. In challenging times, enterprises, as with states at war, require rapid solutions to pressing problems where procedure, tradition and convention may no longer provide the answers to the questions of the day.  

The past decade or so has presented many a commercial crisis, challenges you may be familiar with in your own business’ setting...

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NOW Q&A: workWILD's Lucy Colclough on taking inspiration in the natural world

Lucy Colclough is Founder of workWILD, a bio-inspired consultancy. She shares her thoughts on revolutionising the working world by taking inspiration from nature, ahead of her participation to the NOW Festival.

NOW Festival: How would you describe the nature of your organisation?  

Lucy Colclough: We are workWILD, a Bio-Inspired Consultancy that helps organisations build healthy and effective teams in ways inspired by nature...

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Article: Maintaining employee relations during the pandemic period

The ways in which we interconnect, behave and communicate at work have been fundamentally altered since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the early part of last year.  

Our relationships with colleagues have, in many cases, gone virtual – a move which has, as I’m sure you are aware, both presented considerable challenges and uncovered unexpected opportunities and benefits.   

But although the pandemic has created an unprecedented level and scale of change in terms of working relationships, the nature of our employee to employee interactions has always been subject to evolution and flux which depend on a range of environmental factors...

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NOW Q&A: City of Malmö’s Elisabet Lundholm on Purpose, Digital Collaboration and Innovation

Elisabet Lundholm is the Intranet & Digital Workplace Manager at the City of Malmö, Sweden, where she is working on transforming the Digital Workplace.

Here, she shares her thoughts on purpose, digital collaboration and innovation, ahead of her participation at the NOW Festival, taking place virtually and streaming globally, 21 - 22 September.

NOW Festival: How would you describe the nature of your organisation?  

Elisabet Lundholm: Diverse and with a high level of local autonomy, providing essential services to our City’s citizens...

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Article: The importance of biodiversity in

creating welcoming workplace environments

The seasons are easy to admire. As the earth tilts on its axis, altering which parts of the planet receive the sun’s most direct rays, the natural world around us undergoes truly remarkable periodic changes every year. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, the world of work has undergone a similarly drastic transformation, our latest Nature of Work Festival newsletter on Habitats having looked at how COVID-19 has shaped and redefined our working environments.

This week we will be looking at the fourth of 12 elements as defined by Paul Miller and Shimrit Janes in their Nature of Work framework: The importance of Biodiversity in creating welcoming workplace environments...

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Article: How COVID-19 has shaped and redefined our working environments

There is a high probability that you have, at least to some degree, worked from home during the course of the past year or so.  

In America, around one in four of the working population did some form of work from home prior to the coronavirus pandemic. By April 2020, that figure had risen to more than six in 10. In the UK, meanwhile, the proportion of people working from home more than doubled, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics.  

As we navigate our way through what we all hope is the tail end of the crisis during the course of 2021, it is becoming increasingly clear that this new workplace normal is, at least in part, here to stay...

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Article: Diversification and transformation in the oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry is one that has been knocked off balance in recent years. 

Back in June 2014, the sector was enjoying what can only be described as a boom period, the price of Brent crude having reached $115 per barrel thanks to soaring global energy consumption. Yet the benefit of hindsight tells us that the industry’s soils became somewhat sapped of nutrients from this point onwards. 

High prices spurred industry players to begin drilling for new crude, yet demand began to taper off owing to weakening economies. Likewise, zero carbon technologies had begun to enter the mainstream, owing to a global awakening to climate change propelled by ESG demands from investors, demands which you may well be responding to in your own organisation...

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Article: Why are organisations here? COVID-19 and the reimagining of purpose

Rarely will we experience a year in peacetime that has been dictated by a single event to the extent that COVID-19 shaped 2020. 

Not many facets of our personal and working lives have been left untouched. And the pandemic continues to cause tremendous health, social and economic hardship as the global vaccination race attempts to keep up.

For businesses, although there have been a handful of digitally-savvy winners, vast swathes of industries are picking up the pieces left by a trail of devastation caused by various shutdowns and restrictions on activity...

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Press Release: Questex launches first of its kind Nature of Work Festival to guide global leaders in a movement for organisational change

Questex, in partnership with Digital Workplace Group (DWG), brings to life a “festivalised” approach to an event for global enterprise leaders in search of tangible solutions for creating a better world of work. The first of its kind, The Nature of Work (NOW) Festival is a bold and disruptive three-day hybrid festival, providing organic solutions for how we work, where we work and how we can reward all stakeholders...

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