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Changes in the world of work have profound impacts on how we live on Earth, and the theory of ‘Nature of Work’ equips us with the language to craft a new story of work for a living age.

'Nature of Work,' a concept formed by Paul Miller, CEO and Founder of Digital Workplace Group (DWG), and Shimrit Janes, DWG's Director of Knowledge, challenges the norm of 'the workplace' as we once knew, providing deep insight into how organisations can thrive by drawing inspiration from the 12 essential workplace elements. Aligning yourself with one or more of the elements will ensure your story emulates the Nature of Work, and helps tell a new story of work.

Through our carefully crafted Activation Partnership, organisations can capitalise on our People, Place and Technology approach, bringing life to a new story. Connect with people from your target audience through targetted communications across our database. Share case studies and analysis to convey your ideals within the workplace. Showcase your latest developments and technologies both physically and virtually at throughout the festival with our branded presence options.

We need a new story of work. And we need it NOW. Make sure your company is a part of the movement for organisational change.


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Nature of Work

Drive your content through thought leadership and share your message with attendees across the platform

Nature of Work

Share your visions with the community through both a physical and an online presence

Nature of Work

Connect with your clients to discuss how you can further support their journey through the nature of work

“We have years of ingrained behaviour of presenteeism, associating performance with being present, and hard, heroic work. In this new world there is much more emphasis on creating the conditions for people to be successful wherever they are and judging them on the outcome. That is quite a mindset shift for managers.” - Will Gosling, Deloitte

Who will you meet?

Nature of Work is for Leaders in People, Place, and Technology. You are invited to meet with like-minded change-makers, including:
  • Business Development and Relationship Specialists
  • Executive Management Teams
  • Adoption and Change Officers
  • Content Strategists and Editors
  • Intranet, Knowledge and Collaboration Leaders
  • IT, Development, Design and Digital Workplace Leaders
  • Data Scientists
  • Human Resources, Learning and Development, Employee Experience Executives
  • Transformation Leaders
  • Talent and Onboarding Managers
  • Company Culture Owners
  • Product and Project Managers
  • Wellness, Health and Safety Experts
  • Sales, Marketing and Communications Specialists
  • Facilities Managers
  • Architects, Designers, and Commercial Real Estate Executives

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